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Black Women for Wellness hosts its annual Reproductive Justice Conference

Black Women for Wellness hosts its annual Reproductive Justice Conference each year to address the political and economic climate impacting our fundamental rights, particularly the jeopardy faced by the basic human rights of Black women and girls. This year’s conference held particular significance, tackling critical issues such as the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, Black Relationships, healthy births, and maternal access. Black women sought safety and the assurance of being heard in all aspects of their lives. Sadly, they continue to face the highest mortality rates during childbirth, in cancer outcomes, and other health disparities.

The gathering aimed to protect Black women, spotlight the challenges they endure, and collaborate on potential solutions. Through supporting this conference, attendees invested in a brighter future for Black women and girls. They were encouraged to join and actively contribute to the movement advocating for reproductive justice and equity for all.

BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson joined the Environmental Justice Track. Facilitated by Astrid Williams and Tianna Shaw Wakeman, the event featured a workshop on addressing environmental concerns within fast fashion. Titled “Fashion for the Earth: How to Live Fashionably Well in a Fast Fashion Society,” the gathering shed light on the detrimental impacts of the fast fashion industry. Participants delved into the industry’s exploitation of resources, labor, and the resulting environmental devastation, including soil depletion, water contamination, air pollution, oceanic destruction, deforestation, and harm to biodiversity.

The discussions centered on various issues:

Implementing sustainable practices
Addressing plastic pollution in fashion, especially outerwear
Understanding the lifecycle of fashion garments and tackling associated issues like waste, landfill problems, and air pollution from incineration
Exploring potential solutions such as transforming the supply chain, ethical sourcing, and embracing certified B-corp practices

Astrid Williams moderated the event, while Samata Pattinson served as the keynote speaker.

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