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Apparel and Textile Merchandising

In her TEDx Talk, ‘The Thread That Binds Us‘, our founder, a former designer, explores the significance of understanding how things are made. Did you know that it can take several hours to make a pattern or several days? Or that it takes 4 hours or over 100 hours to sew an item of clothing? Yet, it only takes a few hundred metres or several thousand metres of thread to bring it all together. The thread is an element we barely see but is often holding it all together. At BLACK PEARL, we care about the details of how things are made, down to the thread, and support clients in the music and entertainment industry to develop more sustainable offerings.

Through Apparel and Textile Merchandising, covering product conceptualisation and creative development, we team up with the entertainment industry to craft and produce upgraded sustainable products. At the same time, we explore ways to reduce overproduction and minimise wasteful manufacturing. Our core values firmly place emphasis on both humanity and the environment. We possess a comprehensive grasp of the intricate phases involved in apparel design and production. Furthermore, we adeptly convey genuine development processes to those who don our garments.

Existing and potential clients can access our sustainable product conceptualisation and creative development offering by logging in or reach out via email to explore collaboration possibilities.

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