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The Global Climate Action (GCA) High-Level Event (Closing) held at the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 UAE, convened a coalition of influential voices dedicated to steering the world towards a sustainable future. The event, hosted at Expo City Dubai, marked a critical milestone in global efforts to address climate change.

Distinguished personalities gracing the stage during the Global Climate Action High-Level Event (closing) included:

Samata Pattinson FRSA, CEO & Founder, BLACK PEARL
Baraniko Baaro, Mayor, Teinainano Urban Council, Tarawa, Kiribati
Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Climate Justice Activist, Co-founder of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines
Casey Camp-Horinek, Environmental Ambassador & Hereditary Drumkeeper, Women’s Scalp Dance Society of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, Board Member, WEGAN
Bertrand Piccard, Founder and President of the Solar Impulse Foundation, Clean Technology Pioneer

Their presence and impassioned contributions underscored the urgency and collaborative spirit required to address the pressing climate challenges faced by the global community.



In the Fashion Solutions Breakfast session during New York Climate Week 2023, Samata Pattinson broke down the importance of culture when addressing sustainability.

The discussion revoled around critical themes, including achieving circularity at scale, decarbonizing fashion, ensuring a just transition for workers, harnessing fashion’s marketing engine for consumer behavior change. Additionally, we will explore innovative funding solutions as key drivers of sustainable progress, paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible future.

During New York Climate Week 2023, BLACK PEARL Founder and Chief Executive Officer Samata Pattinson FRSA participated as a panelist in the United Nations SDG Media Zone event, alongside moderator, Kerry Bannigan, Executive Director of Fashion Impact Fund, and Sophia Kianni of Climate Cardinals.

The discussion revolved around the theme of ‘Harnessing Culture and Community for Sustainable Development’, and explored the power of uniting diverse cultures and communities in a shared vision for a more sustainable future.

CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023


Samata Pattinson presenting the Climate Action Award, September 2023.

The 2023 CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards ceremony took place yesterday amidst Milan Fashion Week, held at Teatro alla Scala. This event was collaboratively organized with backing from the Ethical Fashion Initiative, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Comune di Milano, celebrating individuals and organizations dedicated to eco-friendly, socially responsible, and circular fashion practices.

The Climate Action Award is dedicated to fashion brands, suppliers, and organisations that have developed solutions to significantly reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable design trailblazer Samata Pattinson takes us on a journey in search of connection through the intertwining of sustainability, culture and design.

Rooted in the questions of what, how, and why we wear our clothes across the globe, this narrative unfolds through the eyes of the British-born Ghanaian entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning fashion, film, education, and media. ‘The Thread That Binds Us’ artfully weaves the connections between apparel and a range of vital topics, including health, the environment, and even children’s curricula.

Presenting an opportunity for collective introspection, Pattinson encourages us to scrutinise the impact of our clothing on both people and the planet. Her insights inspire profound reflection, foster meaningful conversations, and drive impactful decisions. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

The discussion revolved around the theme of ‘Harnessing Culture and Community for Sustainable Development’, and explored the power of uniting diverse cultures and communities in a shared vision for a more sustainable future.


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OVERHEATED LIVE brings together climate activists, musicians, and designers to discuss the climate crisis and their work to make a difference. This year, we were thrilled to bring together climate activists, musicians, and designers on August 30th at Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace in London to discuss the climate crisis and the work that is making a meaningful difference .

There were sessions on the impact of food systems, methods of sustainable fashion, eco-anxiety, the importance of activism, and actions we can all take to mitigate climate change — along with an appearance by Billie Eilish! We feel so grateful to have been joined by such incredible environmental activists, indigenous leaders, and inspirational talent including: Alice Aedy, Brother Spirit of Plum Village, Dominique Palmer, Liv Simpliciano, Maggie Baird, Samata Pattinson and Tori Tsui, and many more!

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