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Educational Programmes & Projects

BLACK PEARL believes that education serves a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and resilient future for generations ahead. Investing in sustainability education not only tackles the urgent need for action but also presents opportunities for risk mitigation, innovation, and social impact. We engage in educating about sustainability through various avenues, all aimed at deepening the understanding of sustainability through social and environmental lenses. Both business-to-business and business-to-citizen, across design, fashion, music, entertainment, and education, our educational efforts encompass the following:

Development of curricula and teaching programs

Insightful research and papers

Teaching programs

Speaking engagements

Resource creation

BLACK PEARL educates about the following aspects of apparel design:

Sustainable Product Design: A holistic approach to creating products that are environmentally responsible throughout their entire life cycle, from conception to disposal.

Circularity, Responsible Consumption, End of Use, Reuse, and Recycling: Embracing circular economies, encouraging responsible consumption, managing end-of-life products, promoting reuse, and maximising recycling efforts to curb waste and minimise environmental impact.

Sustainability Communications: Effectively conveying sustainability-related messages, strategies, and initiatives to various stakeholders, fostering understanding and prompting positive action towards sustainability goals.

Human Rights & Social Justice: Advocating for fair labour practices, social equality, and justice within the context of sustainable practices in the fashion and apparel industry.

Environmental Impact: Evaluating the impact of actions, products, or processes on the environment, with a focus on mitigating negative impacts and enhancing positive ones.

Innovative Materials and Technologies: Exploring emerging materials and technologies that have the potential to transform sustainability practices in the apparel and design industries.

Biodiversity: Understanding the variety and variability of living organisms within specific ecosystems and the importance of preserving diverse biological systems for sustainable living.

Climate: Covering topics related to climate change, its environmental impact, and strategies to mitigate its effects, especially within the context of the design and apparel industry.

Considering Global Perspectives in Education

With BLACK PEARL, we’re deeply committed to social and environmental impact. We believe that education in the design, apparel, and textile industry should go beyond technical skills. It should encompass history, theory, and business knowledge, embracing perspectives from both the Global South and Global North. It’s crucial to demonstrate appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and diversity within the global apparel industry.

Together with brilliant minds from around the world, our founder Samata Pattinson has contributed to curriculum development for the Institute for Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge and shared knowledge at esteemed academic institutions such as Yale School of Environment, Fashion Institute of Technology, Berkeley (New York), and Central St Martins (London).

Our flagship project, developed by Indian designer, educator, and researcher Sanah Sharma in collaboration with British-born Ghanaian BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson, is a visionary curriculum reshaping sustainable design. This groundbreaking initiative beautifully amalgamates perspectives from both the Global South and Global North. BLACK PEARL is currently seeking partners and investors for this pioneering project. Get in touch to learn more or express your interest in supporting this venture.

We’re excited to forge new relationships with academic institutions and deliver comprehensive educational programs.

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