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BLACK PEARL are proud partners of Billie Eilish & Maggie Baird’s OVERHEATED

Billie Eilish launched climate action event, ‘OVERHEATED‘ in London, organised by the musician and mother Maggie Baird’s organisation Support + Feed, a plant-based non-profit. The climate change activist held her second event at Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace on August 30, following the first event at the O2 in London across six days in June 2022, coinciding with her ‘Happier Than Ever’ world tour. The event comprised panel discussions, community building, resources, roller skating, and plant-based food from Neat Burger.

Billie Eilish attended the event alongside guests, including Earthrise CEO Alice Eady, BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson, and climate activists Dominique Palmer and Tori Tsui, with more announced. Support+Feed Founder Maggie Baird co-organised the event which saw BLACK PEARL deliver sustainable fashion programming, and join partners such as EVOCA Foundation, REVERB, and LIVE NATION. 500 tickets for OVERHEATED were sold for the event which was live-streamed on Eilish’s YouTube channel in partnership with Mercury Studios.

Developing sustainable fashion programming for the event, BLACK PEARL provided a high-profile, interactive, and engaging experience. It showcased industry and citizen perspectives through panel selections, highlighted Billie Eilish and Maggie Bairds’ commitment to promoting sustainability and accessible solutions for everyone, and collaborated to deliver an optimistic and hopeful message, while being mindful of the impact of doom and gloom messaging on youth. BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson was joined by Liv Simpliciano, Policy and Research manager at Fashion Revolution, Shakaila Forbes-Bell Fashion, Fashion Psychologist and Jennifer Droguett, Creative Director – Anciela




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