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BLACK PEARL contributes to Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Course Curriculum

BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson contributed to the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership online course: Governance for a Sustainable Future. The online course will welcome its first cohort online on 31st January 2024. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership is known for its esteemed reputation of developing leadership and solutions for a sustainable economy, working with over 600 organisations worldwide, helping thousands of leaders across business, finance, and policy deliver impact for a sustainable future.

Pattinson has previously contributed to The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s Women Leading Change: Shaping our Future short course, which aims to equip and empower women to lead society and their organisations towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future.

The Cambridge online course, Governance for a Sustainable Future, aims to educate students on the essential role of good corporate governance in creating a sustainable future. It details, through various real-world case studies, the unsustainable challenges caused by poor governance while outlining how the resulting impacts and risks can affect business outcomes and negate any short-term successes.

This course is designed to equip business leaders with the skills to drive transformative change in response to the challenges facing organisations across the world. In this course, governance is positioned as a system accountable for enacting the purpose of the corporation. Learners are provided with frameworks, including the CISL’s organisational transformation framework, that assist in placing all stakeholders at the centre of any governance-related considerations. Learners will develop the skills to examine their businesses’ purpose and influence their businesses’ journey of transformational change promoting sustainability.

This course begins by delving into the failings of business-as-usual governance. It examines why good governance is critical to a sustainable future for all stakeholders and looks at how ESG, risk management, and reporting strategies in isolation are not enough to achieve long-term success. Learners explore how governance is enacted across different functions of businesses. Learners will gain the skills to examine their own context, identifying what current practices and strategies are placing limitations on their companies’ transformative change. Finally, learners will develop a leadership action plan that will enhance both the efficiency of their businesses and ensure a sustainable relationship with the external environment at large. Find out more about ‘Governance for a Sustainable Future’ here, and why education is such an important pillar for BLACK PEARL here.

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