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Your Insight: BLACK PEARL Cultural Sustainability Survey

Join our exploration into the realm of Cultural Sustainability through our insight survey. Our survey delves into the intricate facets of Cultural Sustainability, drawing from your unique perspectives. Your input is invaluable as we aim for a comprehensive understanding of how culture intertwines with sustainability, and will lay authenticate our commitment to representative work. Here’s what we’re exploring:

Your Definition of ‘Culture’: We’re eager to hear your unique take on what ‘culture’ means to you. Your personal definition can shed light on the diverse nuances encompassed within this term.

Your Interpretation of ‘Sustainability’: What does ‘sustainability’ signify in your understanding? Share your insights to help us grasp the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability as it intertwines with cultural contexts.

Unveiling ‘Cultural Sustainability’: Define ‘cultural sustainability’ based on your understanding or what you believe it embodies. Your perspective is key in unravelling this complex fusion of culture and sustainability.

Embracing Diversity: We’re curious about your racial identity and the country you hail from. Understanding diverse backgrounds enriches our comprehension of cultural sustainability.

Age and Perspectives: Your age group provides valuable context. It gives us a glimpse into how different generations perceive and engage with cultural sustainability.

Your input holds immense value in our pursuit of a comprehensive understanding of cultural sustainability. Join us on this journey to decipher the significance of culture in shaping a sustainable future! Please participate here. 


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