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The BLACK PEARL Logo: A Visual Celebration of Cultural Sustainability and Wisdom

BLACK PEARL, the trailblazing cultural sustainability fashion, media, and education organisation, is proud to unveil its brand-new logo that beautifully encapsulates the brand’s values, mission, and innovative approach. Designed by Co: Brand Creatives, the centrepiece of the logo is a contemporary geometric reinterpretation of the Sankofa bird, a symbol that resonates with the essence of BLACK PEARL’s narrative. The Sankofa, with its head turned backward while retrieving a black pearl, forms a powerful visual metaphor for the brand’s commitment to looking back to fetch wisdom and knowledge from the past. This imagery is a reflection of BLACK PEARL’s dedication to cultural sustainability and the idea that embracing heritage is a stepping stone to progress.

The bird’s tail feathers elegantly mirror the lines of a shell, subtly evoking the coastal and oyster-like aesthetic. This design element symbolizes the nurturing and protective nature of BLACK PEARL’s work in safeguarding cultural diversity. The wordmark “BLACK PEARL” rests beneath the symbol in a sleek san serif font, exuding a sense of luxury and excellence. Notably, the ‘C’ in “black” is intentionally turned backward, a nod to the Sankofa’s message of looking back to move forward.

This logo finds harmony in BLACK PEARL’s core principles of innovation and tradition. It harmoniously blends the visual narrative of the Sankofa with a modern touch, representing the journey of retrieving wisdom to inspire growth and progress. More than a logo, it embodies BLACK PEARL’s dedication to preserving and valuing cultural heritage as the heart of humanity’s legacy.

The name “BLACK PEARL” itself underscores the rarity of their creative output. Just as a black pearl is a precious gem, BLACK PEARL’s work serves as a shield, safeguarding and nurturing cultural diversity in today’s interconnected world.

“This logo is more than a design; it’s a visual manifestation of our mission,” says Samata Pattinson, Founder and CEO of BLACK PEARL. “It encapsulates our commitment to cultural sustainability, wisdom, and progress. We are thrilled to unveil this emblem that mirrors our values and captures the essence of PEARL.”

The launch of the new logo is an exciting step for BLACK PEARL as it continues to lead in the realms of cultural sustainability, fashion, media, and education. It serves as a symbol of unity between tradition and innovation, heritage and progress.

BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson with Co: Brand Creatives Founder Anu Dhesi

BLACK PEARL’s brand identity was created by Co:Brand Creatives. A London-based independent creative agency , Co:Brand Creatives isn’t your typical design firm. With over two decades of experience, their specialty is turning ambitious businesses into brands that resonate, all through the artistry of design.

Known for their tailored, strategy-driven creative solutions, Co:Brand Creatives isn’t just about delivering results; it’s about taking clients on a genuine and insightful creative journey, from concept to completion.

Rooted in a strong community ethos, the agency believes in connecting with the core of organisations right from the start. No corporate jargon here; just a commitment to aligning branding with the heart of an organisation, providing straightforward and honest direction that cuts through the clutter of traditional marketing.

What sets them apart? It’s not just the designs; it’s the authentic and aspirational brands they craft. Co:Brand Creatives weave compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression. Equipped with the tools and expertise, they ensure the success of every project, regardless of the organisation. This isn’t just a creative agency; it’s a passionate force dedicated to making brands stand out in a meaningful way.

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