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Introducing BLACK PEARL: A Visionary Cultural Sustainability Organisation by Founder Samata Pattinson

Introducing BLACK PEARL: A Visionary Cultural Sustainability Organisation by Founder Samata Pattinson

Los Angeles, CA – November 28, 2023 – BLACK PEARL, a pioneering cultural sustainability organisation founded by trailblazer Samata Pattinson is set to redefine the landscape of sustainability and culture. Strategically located between Los Angeles and London, seamlessly intertwining the realms of design, fashion, music, entertainment, and education, BLACK PEARL will present a dynamic and forward-thinking approach towards fostering cultural sustainability. Working across original in-house concept development, production and delivery, BLACK PEARL will also offer expertise, analysis, and customised solutions to serve partner and communities’ needs.

“BLACK PEARL will unite culture and sustainability in order to weave an authentic representation of life, encompassed by important cultural factors such as age, race, class, identity, socioeconomics, disability, religion and educational attainment.  The multifaceted organisation will promote cultural sustainability through offerings such as cross-sector collaborations, brand activations, thought-leadership work and educational programmes, media production and story-telling content creation, along with apparel and textile merchandising for the entertainment industry. “I am passionate about using intelligent design solutions and inclusive communication to drive sustainability progress through representative work. For us, culture is a fundamental lens through which to connect the dots between people, communities, and the planet.” comments Pattinson.

Samata Pattinson, CEO of BLACK PEARL, brings over 13 years of invaluable experience to the field of cultural sustainability. A British-born Ghanaian entrepreneur, Pattinson’s past business, design, educational, and advocacy work as CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) have driven sustainable fashion to the Oscars and seen her educating on the topic of sustainability on reputable platforms and academic institutions in around the world. Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with notable figures such as Maggie Baird and Billie Eilish at the Annual Academy Awards, educational programming at the Hollywood Climate Summit 2022. She also and producer credits in film projects such as Andrew Morgan’s acclaimed ‘TEXAS’ along with features in Billie Eilish’s ‘Overheated’ documentary on climate change alongside Billie Eilish, Maggie Baird, Finneas O’Connell, Vivienne Westwood, Vanessa Nakate and Yungblud. She has also shared expertise on renowned platforms including the United Nations Climate Change Conference along with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2023, where Pattinson hosted the 2 day conference amongst others.

At BLACK PEARL, the mission is clear: to demonstrate that sustainability and culture are not separate entities but integral to each other. Sustainability cannot thrive without cultural infusion, and culture cannot endure without a foundation of sustainability. This symbiotic relationship drives the organisation’s work, deeply dedicated to representation, inclusivity, diversity, social and environmental responsibility, which form the core of its ethos. Pattinson’s work and community extends its reach from the academic corridors of the Yale School of the Environment and the Institute for Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge to the creative hubs of Universal Music Group and Vegan Fashion Week.

On November 28th 2023, BLACK PEARL will officially launch as the organisation extends an invitation to all to join in this exciting journey. Celebrating with launch projects such as Maggie Baird and Billie Eilish’s ‘Overheated’ 2023, Black Women for Wellness Conference 2023, and the first Entertainment + Culture Pavilion for COP 28, BLACK PEARL is ushering in an exciting time for creativity and sustainability with a deep commitment to progress. The organisation aims to explore the nexus of community, culture, and sustainability, striving to showcase a more representative and sustainable future for all.

As BLACK PEARL embarks on this new transformative journey, it seeks to usher in a new era where culture and sustainability are intertwined, driving positive change on a global scale.
“We are looking to work with like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and change-makers,” says Pattinson. “Our commitment to brilliant and rare work is deep-seated.”



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We look forward to connecting and discussing our launch with you, as we work towards building a community with like-minded individuals moving forward. Join our community through @with_blackpearl on all social platforms, and connect through



BLACK PEARL is a visionary cultural sustainability organisation founded by Samata Pattinson in November 2023. It seamlessly intertwines the realms of design, fashion, music, entertainment, and education into a vibrant tapestry of cultural sustainability, focusing on education, partnerships, content creation and community engagement. BLACK PEARL’s mission is to redefine the boundaries of sustainability and culture, demonstrating their integral connection. The organisation is deeply dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, and environmental responsibility, values that guide every aspect of its work.

About Samata Pattinson:

A British-born Ghanaian entrepreneur, BLACK PEARL CEO Samata Pattinson is dedicated to cultural sustainability and the vital connections between individuals, communities, and our planet.

Samata’s leadership has driven collaborations with global brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, as well as smaller designers including Laura Basci and Benedetti Life. Formerly leading Red Carpet Green Dress for over a decade, she oversaw design, educational, and commercial initiatives while driving sustainable fashion to the Oscars, pioneering the development of textile innovation partnerships and merchandising offerings, and establishing credible sustainability frameworks.

Samata authored the Sustainable Style Guide for the 95th Annual Academy Awards on behalf of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and pioneered the Billie Eilish Climate and Fashion focus at the singer’s London Overheated Festival in partnership with Maggie Baird’s Support+Feed. Her influence extends to COP26 for SHE Changes Climate initiative and a COP27 keynote COP27 on Designing for Sustainability for 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Samata is an ambassador for The Act on Fashion Coalition alongside powerful ambassador circle Sophia Kianni, Sophia Li, Aditi Mayer and Marina Testino.

In 2021, Samata was named one of the Top 100 Women in their ‘Green Women Power List 100’ by LOHAS Magazine for her work leading sustainable change alongside Jane Goodall, Susan Rockefeller, Marina Abramović, Lil Miquela, Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebellion and Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu of UNFCCC. Samata is an ambassador for The Fashion Act (The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act).

She holds advisory and mentor roles at Cambridge University’s Institute of Sustainability Leadership, The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards , speaking at the United Nations HQ, Yale School of the Environment, SXSW Eco, and Global Fashion Agenda. – Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and has addressed two sitting British Prime Ministers about sustainability. A Bloomsbury Publishing published author (Fashion Designer’s Resource Book), Samata is passionate about educating using all channels possible. Samata has garnered attention for her dedicated work in the field of sustainability from respected platforms such as Variety, The New York Times, VOGUE, ELLE, Forbes, The Guardian, NME, Glossy, Country and Townhouse, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, The Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and more.

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