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BLACK PEARL Launches The Sustainable Style Guide For Everyone!

Los Angeles, 5th March 2024 – BLACK PEARL, the pioneering cultural sustainability organization dedicated to redefining the landscape of sustainability and culture is excited to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind Sustainable Style Guide For Everyone. The need to shift to a more sustainable way to enjoy fashion remains urgent, yet the fractured sustainability efforts of the fashion industry have left many citizens confused rather than empowered to make the best choices for people and the planet. The new guide offers a wide breadth of practical and insightful advice that is perfectly placed to answer the style challenges concerned citizens face today.

Developed from the belief that sustainable fashion should educate shoppers about the impact of their choices, empowering everyone to make conscious and ethical decisions that align with their identities, values and options, the guide covers dressing by value, and accessibility and gives a broad scope of the options. The guide ultimately aims to highlight how by adopting a more sustainable approach to fashion, we can collectively drive positive change within the industry.

This new approach also acknowledges that at times, sustainability discussions have felt elitist, distant, and alienating, depriving people of the opportunity to make sustainable decisions—decisions informed by truth. This guide responds to the need for a fresher, more relatable conversation about sustainable fashion—highlighting how sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing style and how it can represent our identities, our creativity, our passions, and our values. The Sustainable Style Guide For Everyone gives us an overview of the challenges but, most importantly, the solutions that work across age, gender, disability, geography, socioeconomics, values, and beliefs. These solutions can be applied to every day, but also special occasions and red carpet events, empowering citizens to make informed decisions about the way they shop and dress.

Designed by Co:Brand Creatives, the guide also highlights that sustainable fashion represents so many things to so many people. It is not binary; it is not all or nothing, vintage or second hand, expensive or low-cost, plant-based or pre-loved, locally made or culturally representative. It is any of those things. By exploring the options, the guide aims to help citizens find ones that resonate with them, showing everyone that they belong in this space on their own terms. Sustainable fashion is for everyone.

-”The Sustainable Style Guide For Everyone offers us an opportunity to refresh our conversation about sustainable fashion, highlighting that it is not about sacrificing style but instead about enhancing it through deeper meaning. Style is a canvas where we can paint our identities, creativity, passions, and values. Opening up these conversations to culturally representative communities can help us to unite and use our collective power to spark incredible shifts.  Together, we can be the driving force steering the fashion industry towards a more realistic and authentic perspective on sustainability, mindful of social and environmental impact. It’s time to weave this narrative into our lives and make sustainable fashion a more accessible driver for positive change!” – Samata Pattinson, Chief Executive Officer, BLACK PEARL –

Exploring the guide, readers will discover insightful and practical advice on how to adopt a more sustainable approach to style, inspiring us to rethink the way we shop, shifting from a fast fashion mentality to a buy thoughtfully mindset. The guide also offers insight into the importance of cultural heritage within fashion and highlights key points to consider in celebrating culture without appropriating it. Advice is offered on how to enjoy and reimagine the beautiful pieces that are already sitting in our wardrobes and the wardrobes of others.

Respected stylists and image consultants Jean Chung, Micaela Erlanger, and Tara Swennan, who have dressed the likes of Tati Gabrielle, Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, Common, Ali Wong and Kristen Stewart, offer their expert advice in a section focused on dressing for the red carpet and special occasions across to everyday choices. For clothing that is no longer of use, there is practical advice on how to extend its lifecycle and create a positive impact responsibly. The guide offers extensive advice on how to let your values guide your sustainability journey, exploring topics such as Diversity, Inclusion, & Representation, Climate-Focus, Indigenous Voices, Cruelty-Free and Respect & Dignity for Labor amongst others. Finally, the guide provides a resource list ranging from books to documentaries and films for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge.

Other contributors to the guide include Director Andrew Morgan (‘True Cost’, ‘TEXAS’), Dominique Drakeford of MelaninASS (Melanin And Sustainable Style) and Co-Creator at Sustainable Brooklyn, Omoyemi Akirele of Style House Files and Lagos Fashion Week, New Standard Institute Founder, Maxine Bedat, Big Dress Energy Author Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Indigenous Designer Maurício Duarte, Conscious Chatter host Kestrel Jenkins, Cultural Curator Arieta Mujay, Responsible Fashion Advocate Evet Sanchez, and Liv Simpliciano, Policy and Research Manager, Fashion Revolution.

Download the Sustainable Style Guide For Everyone here, and visit the dedicated page for the resource here.



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BLACK PEARL is a visionary cultural sustainability organization founded by Samata Pattinson in 2023. It seamlessly intertwines the realms of design, fashion, music, entertainment, and education into a vibrant tapestry of cultural sustainability, focusing on education, partnerships, content creation and community engagement. BLACK PEARL’s mission is to redefine the boundaries of sustainability and culture, demonstrating their integral connection. The organization is deeply dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, and environmental responsibility, values that guide every aspect of its work.

Co:Brand Creatives:
Co:Brand Creatives, a London-based creative agency with over two decades of experience, specializes in transforming ambitious businesses into resonant brands through artistic design. Renowned for tailored, strategy-driven solutions, they guide clients on a genuine creative journey, connecting with organizations at their core. Avoiding corporate jargon, the agency aligns branding with the heart of an organization, offering straightforward and honest direction. What sets them apart is not just their designs but the authentic and aspirational brands they craft. Co:Brand Creatives creates compelling narratives that make a lasting impression, ensuring success for every project with passion and expertise. It’s more than a creative agency; it’s a dedicated force making brands stand out meaningfully.

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